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全美艺术教育学会(NAEA)Mr. Dennis Inhulsen, Dr. Kim Defibaugh, Mr. Thomas Knab, 和 Dr. James Haywood Rollins等四届主席也应邀出席了这次盛会。






Prof. You-yun Zhang, the board member of the WCAEA, attend the 2019 “Toward Future” Global Aesthetic Education (GAE) - Children and Youth Arts Education Development Summit in Beijing

Dr. You-yun Zhang, professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and the board member of the World Chinese Arts Education Association (WCAEA), represented WCAEA to attend the 2019 “Toward Future [向未來]” Global Aesthetic Education (GAE) - Children and Youth Arts Education Development Summit [GAE全球儿童与青少年美育发展峰会] that was held at the China Millennium Monument in Beijing on June 18th.

Supported by the WCAEA, this Summit was initiated by Beijing Smart Art Education Group and co-organized by Beijing Jin Shangyi Art Foundation, the Art Education Research Center of Tsinghua University Academy of Arts & Design, the Eastern Art Research Center of Renmin University of China School of Arts, the Social Art Education Alliance, the China Millennium Monument, Social Science Academic Press, and Smart Academy of Arts.

The Summit is aimed to provide a platform for intercultural and international exchanges of ideas, methods, and practice on arts education. To facilitate the development of arts education, the ultimate goal is to embrace worldwide educational ideas and pedagogies that are applicable to the educational context of China.

Focusing on the development of global aesthetic education and based on the societal changes in the new era of intelligence, the discussions included positioning of arts education in educational settings, the current trend in global arts education, the needs of arts education for children, the regulation of teacher professional development, and the establishment of art assessment and evaluation systems.

Four past and current presidents at U.S. National Art Education Association (NAEA), namely, Mr. Dennis Inhulsen, Dr. Kim Defibaugh, Mr. Thomas Knab, and Dr. James Haywood Rollins, were invited Keynotes at the conference.

Prof. You-yun Zhang not only participated in the launching ceremony of the Blue Book Project that was initiated by SMART arts education but also had an extensive discussion with experts from all over the world at a roundtable meeting.

Two other WCAEA board members also attended this unique gathering. Specifically, Dr. Jing-ru Ma, the Chair of the WCAEA Academic Division and an organizer for this Summit, also gave a presentation. Furthermore, the Chair of Memberships and Communication Division of the WCAEA, Professor Chang-jing Wang, also led a group of students to attend the conference as well.

Posted by the International Affair Division World Chinese Arts Education Association (WCAEA)

July 2019

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