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About Us

The Malaysian Junior Art Education Association (MYJAEA) is a non-profit education organization. It was established in February 2008, which consisting of 20 member private organizations throughout Malaysia. MJAEA's mission and goal are to promote and enhance our children's art education through observation, learning, and communicating. Besides that MJAEA also provide an international platform for mutual co-operation and art exchange knowledge between all the education personnel from overseas.

In order to achieve our goal, the association has actively organized various of activities in recent years, such as helding national children's art exhibition, children's art education training camp, international art education week activities, domestic and foreign art education exchange program, children's art evaluation activities and etcetera.

马来西亚少儿美术教育协会(MYJAEA) 是一个由全国各地的校外美术教育中心联合组成,并在2008年2月份注册成立的非营利教育团体。目前本协会在全马共有20个团体会员。


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