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Join us for the First WCAEA's Social Art and Aesthetic Education Research Sector Symposium!



On December 11, WCAEA's Social Art and Aesthetic Education Research Sector will host A Symposium on Case Studies Concerning Social Art and Aesthetic Education at 7:30 PM (Beijing Time Zone). The main thrust of this symposium focuses on Chinese rural revitalization that is contextualized within globalization and urbanization. This symposium also aims to advocate the social comprehensive function of multicultural art education for mutual appreciation and communication on art inheritance. Invited presenters will share experiences of art reinventing rural areas in communities of Macao, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Guizhou, Fujian, and other areas in China. They will introduce intangible cultural heritage education and multiple case studies on art galleries, museums, and social and cultural institutions. All these presentations will highlight the symposium serving as a platform for exchanging experiences and ideas. We welcome you to join us! (The official language is Mandarin.)


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