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7、截止时间:2020年6月15日 (对海外华人)



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We are living in a critical time of the 21st century, and social distancing is keeping us apart. However, staying home also allows us to move inward to our inner space for thoughts, feelings, and imagination. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, artists worldwide are channeling their creativity and sharing their artwork online. Indeed, there are no boundaries in art nor the digital world. As the world joins hands to fight the epidemic, the World Chinese Arts Education Association (WCAEA) calls for "76 Pieces of Children's Artworks" from all kindergartens, primary and secondary schools, as well as other institutions and individuals. WCAEA will publicize juries selected child's artwork every day starting in June by publishing on WCAEA’s official websites (Chinese and English version) and other WCAEA online platforms.


76 Pieces of Children's Artworks is one of many events that are organized by the World Chinese Arts Education Association to echo United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organizations’ International Arts Education Week (May 25-May 31) to promote and advocate the importance of art education.

76 is the number of days that the City of Wuhan was closed down in fighting against COVID-19. We view 76 pieces of children’s art to provide hope, strength, and good wishes to the world, that we are in this together, that COVID-19 will not damper our creativity and humanity. We encourage children around the world to openly express and create uplifting artworks.

The World Chinese Arts Education Association (WCAEA) is a non-profit academic organization registered in Hong Kong. It is the only international arts education organization serving Chinese arts educators worldwide.

Requirements for participation:

All ethnicities are welcomed to participate!

1. Age: 18 years old and below.

2. Quantity: To ensure the scope of participation and the quality of works, we have a specific amount of artwork submission. Each individual is limited to one piece of artwork. Each organization or school is limited to 3 pieces of artwork or one group show that contains 3 - 6 pieces of children's artwork.

3. Submission: The submission format of the work is an electronic picture, JPG format (2-3 MB image resolution is preferred). Please, indicate the author + organization/school + age + materials on your file name, and email your images to

4. Deadline: June 15, 2020 (Only for participants that are outside of mainland China)

5. Content of works: The content of the artwork should be positive and encouraging. Besides that, there is no limitation on specific subject, content, material, and scale of the work.

6. Jury: All artworks are judged by three professionals in art education from the U.S., China, and Malaysia.

7. Publication: The submitted works will be discussed and selected by the review board of the World Chinese Arts Education Association (WCAEA). Selected artwork will be published online as a default agreement of participation. The author of the chosen artwork will be notified after posting.

8. No plagiarism: The submitting unit or individual must ensure that the work is original, not plagiarized, nor infringe on the creative achievements of others. Once published, the participant will have full responsibility for copyright disputes.

The call-for-art is free to enter, however, upon your submission of your artworks, you (the artists and their guardians ) agree to grant World Chinese Arts Education rights to publish your artworks in WCAEA related digital platforms as well as printed materials without additional cost. WCAEA will withhold the final interpretation right.

For more information, please contact WCAEA 76 Pieces of Children's Artworks Committee Chair: Yang Deng (


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