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WCAEA formed a sister-alliance with Turkey National Visual Art Education Association (GÖRSED)


Good News! The World Chinese Arts Education Association (WCAEA) and Turkish National Visual Arts Education Association (GÖRSED) have formed sister-alliances on June 20, 2019. We will continue to work together and promote mutual exchanges and enrichments in art, culture, education, research, and practice.

重磅消息!世界华人美术教育协会(The World Chinese Arts Education Association)与土耳其国家艺术教育协会(GÖRSED)建立了姐妹联盟。






Turkish National Visual Arts Education Association (GÖRSED) was founded in 2003 by a group of academics. It currently consists of hundreds of members, most of whom are academics. The main purposes of the GÖRSED:

1. To identify problems and propose solutions in the field of art education in Turkey and worldwide;

2. To identify methods and innovations in arts education in Turkey and worldwide;

3. To share the results of research on art education with its members;

4. To cooperate with national and international art education associations and organize national and international symposia, panels, exhibitions, workshops, seminars and so on;

5. Publish and contribute to the field of books, magazines, etc.;

6. To support the members who will broadcast;

7. To carry out artistic and cultural activities;

To date, GÖRSED has organized many symposiums, published books, held workshops and exhibitions to achieve its goals. By cooperating with national and international organizations, GÖRSED will continue to carry out these activities.


土耳其国家艺术教育协会(Turkish National Visual Arts Education Association, GÖRSED)成立于2003年,多数成员活跃于学术界,其宗旨为:

1. 提出并解决在土耳其和世界艺术教育的问题;

2. 提出创新的艺术教育方法;

3. 分享最新艺术教育研究成果;

4. 与国内外艺术教育协会合作;

5. 办理国内外艺术教育研讨会、座谈会、展览、和工作坊等活动;

6. 出版艺术教育类书籍和杂志;

7. 协助成员推广艺术教育理念;

8. 实践艺术与文化活动。


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